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Benefits of Sambiloto for Health

Benefits of sambiloto for health

Makintau - Many people are amazed by the benefits of sambiloto. This plant is one of the main medicinal plants. The content of active substances in sambiloto is widely used by the beauty and pharmaceutical industry.

Sambiloto belongs to the family Acanthaceae, is a type of plant that is widely used as a medicinal plant. The name of the sambiloto plant species is Andrographis paniculata, a plant typical of tropical climates.

What are the privileges of sambiloto? Actually, sambiloto has a myriad of health benefits. But in this article only presented four benefits of sambiloto most often used.

As an Acne Remedy

Sambiloto is widely used as an acne remedy. The content of active substances contained in sambiloto leaves is extracted by boiling. Then the extraction results are mixed with water and taken for the treatment of acne.

The steps are as follows, prepare the material in the form of leaves while as many as a few strands. Then mix it into preheated water, such as brewing tea leaves. Next, drink this herb twice a day in order to feel its amazing benefits.

Gout Medication

Sambiloto is also very good for treating gout problems. This plant is believed to lower uric acid levels in the body. In fact, in some cases it can eliminate gout.

Sambiloto leaves contain various active substances such as aldehydes, ketones, flavanoids and alkanes. It is also rich in potassium, sodium and calcium. These substances can neutralize uric acid. With this substance uric acid that accumulates in the body can be decomposed and disposed of through excretory channels.

How to make it, take 10 grams of leaves whileoto and wash thoroughly. Then put the leaves in 5 cups of clean water. It can also be added 5 grams of ginger and 5 gra of komfrey leaves to the herb. Simmer until the water remains about 3 cups, then strain. Drink once every 3 days after eating, each time drink approximately one glass.

Natural Antibacterial

Sambiloto leaves are also famous for containing antibacterial substances. Some of them can suppress the growth of e. coli bacteria and some types of Salmonella bacteria. These bacteria are known to cause disorders of the digestive tract such as diarrhea and typhoid.

Active substances that act as antibacterials in sambiloto leaves include terpenoids, alkaloids and flavonoids. Based on several studies, a solution of sambiloto leaf extract of 5% can suppress bacterial growth and inflammation.

Antibacterial substances found in plants whileoto is a very good substance to withstand the rate of bacteria that are harmful to your body. A choice of herbal plants that are right and suitable for you to consume in order to get a healthy and strong body.


People have long used sambiloto leaves as an anti-inflammatory drug (inflammation) in diarrhea or dysentery pain that bleeds. Bitter substances contained in sambiloto such as Andrographolid, flavonoids, saponins and tannins can cure inflammation of the inner body.

In this modern era, there are many types of diseases that will be able to attack our bodies. Therefore, it is time for you to do the right, safe and cheap way to overcome this.

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