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Benefits of Young Coconut Fruit Coconut

Most of the inhabitants of tropical areas must know this multipurpose plant. Why is it called a multipurpose plant? Because coconut plants have many benefits ranging from roots, stems, fruit and leaves. 

Apart from being called a multipurpose plant, coconut plants are also called the 'tree of life'.

Benefits of Young Coconut Fruit Coconut

fruit is indeed a multi-use fruit, because from the outermost layer of coconut, namely coir, the shell until the fruit can be used for needs, especially the benefits of the fruit which have health properties. The health benefits contained in coconut fruit are as follows:

1. Benefits of Coconut Shell

a. Being a diabetes medicine, cleaned coconut shells are then boiled in a pot made of clay, boiled until the water is reduced by a third from before, then taken 3 times a day can be a diabetes medicine.

b. Lowering cholesterol, processed coconut shell can reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

Treating poisoning, If someone is poisoned, the first option is to eat coconut shell that has been burned (charcoal).

c. Being an anti-poisonous animal, one of the benefits of this coconut shell is that it is anti-venom for animals such as snakes, spiders, or bees. It must be heated first when it will produce poisonous animal venom.

To prevent disease progression, coconut shell can also be used for detoxification, by processing it into activated carbon.

2. Flesh

a. Maintain heart health, the fat contained in coconut meat can increase levels of good HDL cholesterol and reduce levels of bad LDL cholesterol.

b. Containing various minerals, coconut meat can help meet daily mineral needs. In coconut meat there are minerals manganese, potassium, and copper.

c. Rich in fiber, MCT compounds and fiber in coconut meat can make you full longer and the fiber content can maintain digestive health.

3. Coconut Water

a. Eliminates dehydration. The high electrolyte content in coconut water can replace fluids lost when you are done doing activities.

b. Increase energy, Coconut water can increase the performance of the thyroid gland hormones, so that consumers can feel the body is more energetic

c. Increase vitality in adult men, by consuming coconut water regularly can reduce nicotine in the body which can reduce fertility in men.

d. Controlling blood pressure, research published in the West Indian Medical Journal explains the results of observations in people who have high blood pressure by consuming coconut water regularly can lower their average blood pressure.

e. As an anti-disease for pregnant women and fetuses, lauric acid contained in coconut water can fight various viral, fungal, and bacterial diseases. So it is suitable for consumption by pregnant women.

f. As a medicine for fever, coconut water mixed with honey can be used as the first treatment option for fever.

g. Prevent kidney stones, boiled coconut water can prevent the crystallization of sediment so that it does not become kidney stones

h. Treating measles, when exposed to measles, you should drink coconut water because it can make the drying process faster and provide a healing process for measles

i. Prevents premature aging. The content of saturated fat called lycotine in coconut water is necessary for the body for the process of leguration and skin cell formation. The content of these substances that inhibits aging of the skin.

Those are some of the benefits of coconut for health, hopefully this article on the benefits of coconut fruit is useful. healthy greetings !!.  

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